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What advantage are there to working with real estate investors to buy my house vs. selling the house myself or through a real estate agency? If you are wanting to sell your house, there are virtually 3 ways to do this. Choosing the best option for you will be determined by your current circumstances. Each […]

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Are your house repairs overwhelming for you right now? Is your home out-of-date and in need of a major remodel? Are you tired of having to keep up with the maintenance of your house? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the solutions for you! Here are some issues you […]

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Has your house suffered a fire, flood, hurricane or tornado damage? If so, we offer our sincere condolences for your great loss, and an earnest hope that your loss was only limited to only monetary damages. Would you be interested in receiving more than the house is worth with NO HEADACHES? We can take the […]

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"I met Aaron, Marci, and Cy 11 years ago after retiring from the military and returning to Jacksonville. This family has amazing dynamics and display the highest quality of kindness, integrity, honor, and commitment. I have many friends and acquaintances that have done business with them, all resulting in positive experiences and outcomes. I am proud to call them friends but I consider them family."

Darrin R. Washburn

"I have worked with Aaron in the construction business for over 6 years. The overall quality and level of craftsmanship he and his employees offer is hard to find in the industry. If you are not doing business with the Cox's, you are missing a great opportunity."

Tom Gann, Carlton Construction

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